Eliza Amilale

I am more than a mood, I am a lifestyle. I am more than a vibe, I am a frequency. I’ve ascended so high that meaningless things don’t bother me. My visions for positive impact are in alignment with my energy that everything I work hard for comes to me. Working alongside Community Staffing Australia has allowed the space for me to awaken my inner leadership. I am grateful, at peace and beyond blessed.

Who was your childhood hero and why?

My childhood hero’s was the Care Bears ? Because they showed me many different ways to help others and care for them. I literally watched every episode and movie they did, I was lowkey obsessed with them.

Being part of CSA, what gives you fulfilment in your role?

Being able to work alongside the clients and help strengthen my existing skills and discover other skills. Also having a team that understands me and is enthusiastic about my well-being and self care. I appreciate the positive atmosphere and energy the company displays.